All Black Everything

Today at school we celebrated the 50th birthday of one of my favorite staff members! She always wears black, so we had a staff black out. We also jokingly said we were mourning her youth. I’m lucky to work with a staff I can laugh with. Happy Birthday Rebecca!


Shop the post below. The only piece missing is this black geometric tote from Zara. I’m obsessed with it and have been using it as my school bag for weeks. It has an inner liner for a laptop. Only downside, there are no other pockets for keys, chapstick, pens, nine hundred million little things  in your teacher bag! I bought a little pencil pouch to stick in there and it’s worked out fine. Bag is $40, score!

Also, if you’re looking for comfortable and professional pants, these are it! They are pricier than most of my other work bottoms, but totally worth every penny. I also like them because I can wear them as full length pants, or fold up on the seam line to make them cropped. I have a weird thing about liking my ankles to show in my pants. Don’t ask.

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